About Us

Reinhard Media started as a design studio and multimedia shop. The business later grew into an online marketing agency. Today Reinhard Media combines its past with new experiences to bring an integrated approach to all its marketing projects. The company concentrates in Web Development, Graphic Design, Digital Video & Audio Editing, Social Media Managment, and Direct E-mail Marketing.

Reinhard Media also has experience in marketing to the Hispanic Market. Our team of fully bilingual marketers has designed and executed successful campaigns for companies targeting this specific market within Canada and the United States.

Reinhard Media provides small to medium size businesses with a strategic, convenient, and cost-effective integrated solution to their marketing, multimedia and advertising needs. Essentially, Reinhard Media offers value by facilitating customers with a team of professional marketers and designers under the convenience of a one-stop-multimedia shop.

Web Development 45%
Graphic Design 35%
Marketing 70%
Music Production 65%
Online Marketing 80%

Meet Our Team

Working with the right people make all the difference. Meet our talented team that works hard to make every project a success story.

  • Adriana

    Acccounts Manager

  • Marco

    Marketing Manager

  • Chris

    Sales Manager

  • Reinhard

    Design & Development

    President & Founder